Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Listing site for bloggers and sponsors to post giveaways, and for lucky people to find prizes!

As bloggers and site owners we are often giving away goodies and promoting sponsors' products to promote our site. We want more traffic and creating giveaways helps us do that. Create a buzz for your product or to your site by linking your blog/site from here for FREE.

Readers who want to WIN prizes should click on the orange RSS feed button to easily come back for more great giveaways. This is the place to find hundreds of listings of giveaways.
Some sites offer you more than one chance to enter, for example they might ask you to write about the giveaway on your blog, twitter about the giveaway, or subscribe to their newsletter. Be sure to go back to the site and tell them you did the extra leg work to enter again.

This list is updated everyday. For the latest postings you can subscribe to my posts via RSS (orange RSS 'posts' button) or follow me on Twitter. Check out all the great giveaways that are free to enter here.


How To Post Your Giveaway

Welcome to Post your Giveaway. This is a dedicated platform for bloggers and site owners to post their giveaways, competitions, sweepstakes or whatever you want to call it. It is also a place where competition lovers can come and enter from a list of hundreds of giveaways. Enjoy and feel free to send me your comments.

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Bloggers: Give it Away!
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