Friday, March 26, 2010

Create Your Own Website Easily with Templates

As a web designer of five years I often get asked by friends if I can create a website for them, something clean and simply to manage. Something they can update themselves.
Nowadays it is very easy to create a website without using a designer and programmer, you just need to know where to look.

So instead of using me a designer, (they needed something simple, 5 static pages, some images, and email form) I told them to try using a pre-designed template that they could edit and update themselves. This would save them money in the long run.

Templates make websites more accessible and affordable. The truth is, if you don't need complicated databases or specially designed pages that are customized you can do an awful lot with pre designed templates.

As a small business starting out, I recommend using a template and not to use a specially designed site to save money.

Here is my recommended place to get your template: ipower.

I have used iPower for hosting my sites for the last 7 years. They also offer a great range of templates for different types of businesses from educational to the small arts and crafts start-up. A year's hosting on a pro plan will cost you around $106.00 per year.

What I love about their service is the 24 hour online customer service live chat help. You can  ask any questions you have whether it is technical or plan related. They are usually very fast. Get instant answers! If your responder does not know the answer s/he can usually find out within 4-5 mins and if not, s/he will email you the answer within 48 hours. Great customer service is worth paying for. Especially for beginners new to website design.

Here is one we created recently for my friends at rico n chloe in a short space of a week. 

They make cute wipe cases by the way.

iPower will also register your domain name ( A domain name costs around $10.00 per year.

Go get your domain and website at ipower.

Leave me a comment to tell me what you thought of it.

Thanks and good luck.

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